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Our browser extension seamlessly shares your anonymous shopping history with us when you shop on Amazon.

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We pool your anonymous shopping history with others to reveal trends about how consumers shop. Brands pay for those trends.

With the proceeds, we make an annual donation on your behalf equal to 1% of your Amazon spend for the year. 

Your data is kept 100% anonymous and secure

Your personal information (like name and address) is automatically removed from your shopping data. This means you won't receive any additional advertisements, spam, or messages.

Any personal information you provide is encrypted using industry-wide best practices, and this data is never shared with any brands or retailers.

Our browser extension only records your shopping and browsing history on It is off at all other times and does not collect any other browsing information.

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To create new sources of funding for charitable causes by helping people see their data as a valuable asset that can be used for the public good

Our Mission

We're proud to be a Public Benefit Corporation, which means we are a hybrid between a nonprofit and a for-profit organization.

Who We Are

Data Does Good was founded on the belief that people own their data and should be entitled to the data's fair value.

We also believe that when pooled together, our data can positively affect the world.

So we developed a transparent system that allows people to donate the cash value of their data to important causes in an anonymous and secure way.

Our three promises to you are:

  • Privacy: We protect your privacy and take security seriously
  • Transparency: We never collect data without your knowledge
  • Fairness: We will always give back at least 50% of our revenue

Thanks for doing good with your data!

Scott Steinberg

Dylan Patterson

Chris Gomes

Scott, Dylan, and Chris formed the Data Does Good team at Stanford University. 

Collectively, their experience includes market research, software engineering, consumer advocacy, lightning strike survival, and pig farming.

CONTACT US:      (650) 395-7334      [email protected]

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You can triple your Amazon Smile donation with Data Does Good!  We increase the 0.5% cash donation that Amazon provides to 1.5%.  Cool, huh?

(If you use Amazon Smile, that triples your donation!)

Donate your anonymous shopping history:

Generate a 1% cash back donation for charity while you shop on Amazon

You can transform your Amazon shopping history into cash for a nonprofit of your choice.

Your donation is free, anonymous, and secure.

Already use Amazon Smile?Great, we triple your donation!

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